8 Ways to Prevent Muscle Soreness

soreDoes your body ache a day or two after a workout?  Here are a few ways to to help you feel less of a burn from delayed-onset muscle soreness.

1. Stretch. Stretching is your first line of defense after a good workout.

2. Eat for rapid recovery. You want to make sure to get enough healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, all which play important roles in repairing and maintaining muscles. Beyond that, consider strategically-timed protein supplementation. A couple hours after working out and when you sleep are two times when protein synthesis (muscle repair) increases.

3. Ice it. Immediately after a tough workout, icing your muscles can stave off inflammation.

4. Change your diet. To help reduce this inflammation, add foods that are rich in omega-3s to your diet. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of these foods can help dial back the soreness after overexertion. Amino acid supplements can also help with muscle recovery after a high-intensity workout.

5. Massage your sore spots. You can hit these areas yourself using a foam roller—put the roller on the floor, use your body weight to apply pressure, and roll back and forth over the sore areas for about 60 seconds.

6. Get heated. While ice can work wonders immediately after a workout, heat can help once your muscles have returned to their resting temperature.

7. Move it. You may be tempted to plant yourself on the couch until the pain subsides, but don’t skip your next workout. Circulation promotes healing, so it helps to get your heart pumping—just don’t overdo it. “Active recovery” is low-intensity exercise that gets your blood flowing without taxing your muscles.

Source:  adapted from http://www.teambeachbody.com



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