New Year’s Resolutions….

Every year we tell ourselves we have to set New Year’s Resolutions.quit smoking, quit sugar, lose 10 pounds, become vegan…. We often shoot for the moon and then a week later realize we are never going to reach those expectations.  This year why not try something a little different???

Instead of creating that list of unattainable goals, create a “reset.”  What is the difference, you ask?  January 1 sets us up for a new beginning and reset is a way to set again or set differently.  With a reset, you commit to moderate, realistic goals and making small changes every day, not just on Jan. 1. A reset also allows for flexibility as you progress and figure out what does and doesn’t work for you.

Here are a few examples:

  1. “I am not going to eat XXX food anymore.” – With a reset mentality, you are no longer having to give up eating that food entirely.  You could eat that food, once per week or month, cut the portion size in half or save it for a special occasion.
  2. “I am going to work out every day.” – If you are not used to working out, 7 days a week may be a bit much. So, why not aim for 3 to 4 days a week. This will keep you motivated and not feeling overwhelmed, plus you are more likely to stick with it.  Grab a buddy, too.  The buddy system always helps when you are feeling like giving up!

2017 is your year!  Take the opportunity to reset your life and make it the best year ever!  Happy New Year!


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