Post Holiday Blues   

chefs-christmas-feast-1024x681Did you wake up this morning and feel like your body was hit by Santa’s sleigh?  Christmas is over and hopefully so are the cookies, eggnog and other treats we all overindulged in!  Here are a few ideas on how to detox your body in a healthy way!

  1. Water

Drink up! Lots of water will help cleanse your system and get you back on track to a healthier you.

  1. Exercise

Challenge yourself and try a new exercise that you have never done before. If you are a regular at the gym, mix it up a bit.  Sweating out the excess calories and toxins from the holiday is a great way to detoxify the body.

  1. Add Healthy Foods

Try adding some healthier foods into your diet. Do you get at least five fruit and vegetable servings in a day? Try making all the grains you eat whole grains. Choose only lean protein foods. Eat breakfast daily. Make a conscience effort to include some good nutrition into your daily meal plan.

  1. Control your environment.

Stock your home (and office) with delicious &healthy food.

  1. Eat breakfast every morning.

Skimping on breakfast usually backfires and causes over-eating later.


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