Setting New Year’s Resolutions


It is that time of year when everyone is talking about setting their New Year’s Resolutions…lose weight, change careers, go back to school. The list could go on forever. I read something that said 75% of people make resolutions, but less than half even start to make progress on them 6 months into the year. So, why do we set them? Here are a few tips to keep your fitness resolutions going throughout the year.

  1. Write It and Measure It

Resolutions should be both specific and measurable. Writing down your goals is not only a great way to accomplish them, but your list can also help you figure out the exact steps needed to get there.

  1. Make Resolutions Manageable

The key to sustainable resolutions is to make small changes gradually.

  1. Break Up the Goal

A goal that’s either far in the future or far out of your comfort zone can be tough to start, so break the resolution down into achievable steps.

  1. Treat Yo’Self!

When you hit those hard-earned benchmarks—treat yourself!

  1. Question Your Motives

Before hitting the gym, ask yourself some introspective questions: Why did you make this resolution? What do you want to achieve? Developing answers that elicit a powerful emotional response can help motivate your goals.

  1. Ask for Help

If you’re curious about new techniques, or find some exercises that are too intimidating book a session with a personal trainer to clear up confusion, help prevent injury, and learn to love new moves. Trainers and instructors are there to help, so don’t be self-conscious about asking for advice.

  1. Keep a Schedule

Time management is important for accomplishing any goal, and fitness is no exception.

  1. Keep It Interesting

The more variety in your exercise program, the more fun it will be to follow, and the more likely you’ll find something you absolutely love.

  1. Hold Yourself Accountable

Stay on track by putting your money where your mouth is: Pay in advance for an exercise program that demands attendance. If working out with a trainer or group class isn’t your style, pencil in regular gym dates with friends or your partner to stay accountable.

  1. Choose the Right Tech

There are tons of gadgets and apps that can help motivate would be gym-goers, but the most useful might be those that connect the user with a community of health-oriented peers.

  1. Be Forgiving

Even the best-laid resolutions can lose steam by spring. But slip-ups are completely fine (even expected), and there’s not a single person on Earth who hasn’t stumbled in their path to success. If taking time off means slightly tweaking your resolution, then so be it—but don’t give up.

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