Warrior Salute Raffle Prize Donation Highlight: Soapestella

Proud to talk about another amazing Rochester-based company: Soapestella14520453_700608310078397_2813990468867562697_n

In the past few months, I have been trying to break out of the norm in SO many things. One of those norms, is buying plain, basic, habitual items at the grocery store, when I could find handmade, local, amazing products instead. This is where Soapestella comes in.

Soapestella is an amazing little store in Macedon, where they have all handmade soaps, lotions, and scents. When you go to the store, you just want to stay! (I swear it’s not as crazy as Yankee Candle.. it’s a lot more welcoming and not as overwhelming)

These are fantastic for your post-workout revitalization, or for your bathroom (I promise your guests will ask!)

Donate for your chance to win a basket FULL of these amazing hand crafted soaps!



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