SPECIAL Donation Level Spotlight: Karma Water

SO excited to be talking about this one!! We are offering an exclusive donation level:

$30 donation gets you a CASE of 12 Karma Waters AND 15 raffle tickets to put in to win even more stuff!!

What is Karma Water? Well, let me tell you from my perspective and what I tell everyone…

I used to work for vitaminwater, and the anomaly there is that vitamins are water-soluable. Think about that for a second- from the minute the vitamins hit the water they are breaking down. By the time you are consuming them, you’re probably only absorbing a fraction of what you wanted to/thought you would/should.

Karma Water solved this with their patented design, where the powdered vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, are preserved in the top. YOU release them into the water and drink immediately, gaining all of the benefits at the time of consumption.

REALLY cool right? The other cool thing… They’re LOCAL! They are from Rochester!! SO, get on this level now because they will NOT last long!!

They are sold in wegmans and a whole bunch of other retailers.





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