Post Competition Recap with Diana & Jen

Last weekend Diana and Jen competed in their first ever figure competition.  Here are a few pictures and post competition highlights!

  1. The day before and day of what did it feel like getting ready, and stepping on stage?

Diana:  The day before I felt like a chicken with my head cut off. It was a little overwhelming because I, of course, jam packed everything into one day.  I started with a nice long massage, ran to the mall to get a black robe to wear backstage because the spray tan literally gets all over everything. (It was actually tough finding one that was silk this time of year because of winter being around the corner).  I had to get my hair done, then spray tan and finally the polygraph test.  Between all the running around and last minute errands you have to remember to eat.  We decided to stay at the sponsored hotel, that way we didn’t have to be up as early because we knew the day was going to be extremely long.

The day of my nerves started to kick in.  The realization that the day I had been prepping for was finally here and putting myself out there for “the world” to judge finally sunk in.  I had the wonderful Jessica Marie do my makeup at the butt-crack of dawn and then it was over to the venue to check in.  I got my number and then it was back to competitor row as I like to call it (they literally had specific places we could go and paper lined the walls and floor to begin the waiting process.  An hour or so later there was a competitor meeting which they discussed the flow of the show and certain expectations.  Once that was over it was back to waiting.  Nerves really starting to kick in then.  11 am rolled around and the pre-judging began.  Each group came and went and it was getting closer and closer to show time, my division was called into the pump-up room as they like to call it and my stomach was in my throat.  I couldn’t believe I was about to walk on stage in that tiny bikini and heels to be judged. Finally, it was my turn to take the stage the only thing that was going through my head was don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall.   The first couple poses I was a little shaky trying to get rid of the nerves.  Quarter turn after quarter turn, I finally got a little more at ease.  I had been practicing for weeks and knew no matter what I did I had given it my all.

Jen: The day before was superintendent’s conference day at school, so that allowed me time to run around to get some posing practice in, then the tan, and polygraph before heading home and packing for Saturday. Friday night was the one day the huge tub of cookie dough was making me crazy. I REALLY wanted to dig in and have a bite or 6. Instead, I made frosting to go with my pretzels. I have never gotten a spray tan before so that was a new experience. Naturally, the tan was not adhering well to my skin. That made me nervous. I did not want to look blotchy.

Saturday am, I had to get another round of tan then make up before getting to Olympia. I was not nervous. As a teacher, I am on a stage being judged by some harsh critics. I compare it to doing five, 40 minute sets of improv comedy a day. Add in a dash of social worker, counselor, parent, friend, and shoulder and that about sums up my typical school day. Going on stage in my suit…easy peasy. That is my platform. I knew I would be fine. Stepping on stage…just look at my smile in the pics. I think that alone says it all.

  1. Did you feel prepared physically & mentally?

Diana:  I did, Matt and Claire made sure that physically I was ready. And mentally I’m pretty bullheaded and once I put my mind to something I do it to the best of my ability.

Jen:  I did not feel lean enough. But, it was a rough week. I felt bloated at the beginning of the week. It wasn’t until about Wednesday that I felt I started to lose some weight. Of course, I wished I had more muscle, more definition, but I think any competitor would feel that way. The day you become content is the day you become complacent and then you lose. Mentally, game on!

  1. Was it everything you expected?

Diana:  I really went in with an open mind, as I never had seen a show before.  But yes it was everything I expected it would be.  I learned so much about the sport itself.

Jen: I was not sure what to expect, but I definitely enjoyed the whole experience. I want to do it again. 

  1. What did it feel like to be around all the other competitors?

Diana:  Being new was a little intimidating at first.  I really didn’t know anyone but made friends quick.  Almost everyone competing was super nice and very supportive.

Jen: Chanel, my friend and hair dresser was there…she is the one responsible for all the funky colors that have been in my hair. I have been w her in the other side (so to speak) since she started her journey and participated in her first competition. I enjoyed being on this side with her. Now I could see and experience firsthand what she talked about, what she went through, etc. It was great meeting other competitors as well. Just interacting w others doing the same thing…rewarding. Of course, having Diana there too made everything easier as well.

  1. When you were finished your competition, what did you do to celebrate?

Diana:  We went to bar Louie for the after party and had dinner with one of my best friends and her husband.

Jen:  Lol Well…since I work part time at Dr. Frank’s, I was sure to have some celebratory wine on hand. I had Seperavi (a dry red), Blanc de Noirs, & a dry rose. I also brought cookie dough, popcorn, pretzels, and frosting. Claire’s friend Andy had a pretzel, cookie dough, pretzel, frosting, pretzel sandwich waiting for me after my walk. THAT was heaven!!!  I also stopped by Footlocker in Greece Ridge to visit one of my students…who did not recognize me at all at first. Lol 

  1. What did you eat after the show?

Diana:  Well, right after I had grilled mac and cheese with chicken, but couldn’t really eat much of it as it was super rich.  Sunday morning we went to Steve’s Diner in Penfield and had a manhole sized cookie dough pancake and hash browns.  That held me over for most the day.  We had Moes for dinner I had a burrito and queso.  It was nice being able to eat junk but honestly it made me appreciate the healthier food.  Today I was already ready to eat cleaner again, that food obviously tastes great at the time but after felt not so hot.

Jen:  See above. Lol I also had some steamed wontons and lettuce wraps from Bar Louie. There were a couple adult beverages involved too.

  1. Do you plan to do another competition?

Diana: Yes!! I plan on doing one in the spring.  I now have a benchmark and am ready to step it up to the next level.

Jen:  Yes!!

  1. People have mentioned the “post-show” blues, did you experience that feeling?

Diana:  I wouldn’t say I have the blues, but I find myself a bit more emotional than usual.  Which I hear is completely normal as hormones get out of whack .  I have my new goal in my head and am very determined to make sure I do everything in my power to reach it.

Jen:  Nope!

  1. Anything that you want to add about the whole experience?

Diana:  I am so humbled by the support and kind words of everyone in the Gruntz family.  Knowing you have an army behind you believing in you means more than you’ll ever know

Jen:  I loved it and can’t wait to do it again. I learned a lot about myself, my body, competing, etc.  I know what I need to do and want to do so I can continue to grow.

We are so proud of what they accomplished and can’t wait to see them take the stage again!  Stay tuned for interviews with more Gruntz team members who will be competing in April!


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