Meet a Gruntz Success Story- Diana

By Jen McSorley

It is time to meet Diana! Diana has been a long standing client of Gruntz and has seen such an amazing transformation! She will compete in her first figure competition on Saturday! If you see her this week, wish her luck!

1. What made you decide to train with a personal trainer?
I had lost a ton of weight on my own and hit a plateau. I knew I wanted to tone up and do something different which would ignite more weight loss.

2. When did you decide you wanted to compete in a show?
I decided in April that I wanted to compete. I was turning 30 and figured what better way than to get in the best shape of my life.

3. What is your training schedule like?
Starting in August I have started meeting with Matt 4 days a week. Posing coach will come towards the end of August and Mid-September I will be meeting with Matt 5 days a week. I also run 3 miles a day 4 days a week.

4. What does a typical day of meals look like?
Boring! Just kidding kinda…it’s repetitive day to day. Oatmeal, protein shake, non-fat Greek yogurt, Apple salad with chicken, another protein shake, chicken, rice and vegetables for dinner and protein shake before bed. The last weeks before will be way different than my pre- competition diet.

5. What have you done for your show prep? T
To follow everything Matt prescribes to a t. Staying on track and eating at the right times will be crucial to my success.

6. What will be your cheat food/meal after the show?
Any sort of bread, lol! Pasta Villa Alfredo, Pizza Hut, chocolate chip cookies with frosting from Wegmans!

We wish Diana the best of luck this week!


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