Theresa’s Journey to Better Health

In 2014 I was dealing with a rare condition in my leg that impaired my walking for many months. My journey really started then because at that point my future leg function was uncertain and I knew that if I had the opportunity to walk again I would do anything it took to get as healthy as possible. After months of hard work I became stronger, yet I still needed to lose weight, not only for my bone health but my overall health. I was tired all the time, heavy, uncomfortable and had low endurance. At the end of May 2016 I decided to commit to the jumpstarters program at M/body that would start on my birthday, June 1st. My family came together and purchased the program for me. It is the best birthday present I’ve ever received! I remember being so anxious at my first meeting with Matt because I couldn’t imagine changing how I ate. I LOVE food and I was a serious emotional eater. I was addicted to sugar and would indulge every day. I knew I had to “break up” with food as I knew it and start looking at it as fuel for my system. Matt told me if I followed his meal plan, I would lose 20 pounds. He taught me how to eat to nourish my body for energy, weight-loss and strength! The first 15-20 days were the hardest because of how much I relied on chocolate and sugar previously. I stuck with it and never cheated! At the end of the 8 weeks, after following the program not only did I lose 21 pounds, I am no longer craving sugar or processed foods. I now have a healthy relationship with food, I am comfortable in my skin and most important, I am stronger than ever!!! My journey to health is not over, it’s just the beginning! I am so thankful for all that I continue to learn and for my strength! Thank you, Matt!


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