Meet A Gruntz Client – Terri

Like many of us, Terri has always had issues with weight. It was something that was constantly on her mind and never allowed her to be truly happy.  There were periods where overtraining and undereating ruled, followed by times when weight gain seemed to be at the forefront.   About 4 years ago, Terri moved to Rochester and started a high stress job.  Her job consumed her life and dominated over her weight.  One day, she decided she had enough and knew she needed to make a change. Enter in Matt…her transformation is truly inspirational and I can see her helping many others in the future.

1.  What prompted you to hire a personal trainer?

I wanted a personal trainer to accelerate my weight loss. I have a lot of lofty goals that require time and knowledge. I worked with Matt and he knew about my fitness goals. I formed a bond with him and knew fitness and health were what he was most passionate about. He isn’t just telling you what to do, he teaches you so you can be properly educated and take that knowledge with you. His expertise was what I needed to begin my journey.

2.  What has been your biggest struggle in getting fit/losing weight

Honestly, food is the worst part of getting fit. You never realize how toxic your relationship with food is until you have to stop eating the foods that comfort you. Letting go of everything I ever knew about food is absolutely difficult. It’s relearning how to cook healthy meals, learning to portion out your food and finding other alternatives to alleviate stress. You can work out all day, but if you’re not eating the proper food that hard work means nothing.

3.  Do you meal prep weekly?

Sometimes I do. I cook my protein ahead so I can grab it and go. Luckily, the meals Matt provides in the custom plans are simple and easy enough to get ready within a short time.

4.  How do you combat negative thoughts on your progress?

I combat negative thoughts by surrounding myself with positive people. If I’m feeling like an introvert and don’t want to be around positive people I go for a walk or workout. The endorphins from walking 15-30 minutes is enough for me to turn my attitude around.

5.  What keeps you motivated to continue?

Feeling myself getting stronger. There is no better feeling than gaining strength. That feeling of clothes beginning to get bigger and noticing ailments subsiding is enough for me to want to continue.

6.  Any advice for others wanting to start losing weight and getting healthy.

Get out of your comfort zone, progress doesn’t happen if you’re in your comfort zone. The process of getting fit is not easy and every day is a battle. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people. Realize that you’re human and you will make mistakes. You had a bad day, so what? every day is a new opportunity to change your mindset and be better than who you were yesterday. Don’t get in your head, your mind will give up before your body does. Getting fit is a process and it takes time. Time will go by whether you workout or not. If you don’t start immediately you’ll look back three months from now wishing you had started today. Set small goals for yourself, don’t reward your victories with food and focus on how you feel mentally and physically. Weight is a number, it doesn’t define you.

Stay tuned for more client testimonials!  Have a great week!


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