How to “Get Moving”…Daily Motivation!

Do you need some motivation to get yourself moving?  I know some days I do!  Here are few tips to help you on your way:

Take a picture of yourself and hang it everywhere you can see it.The power of visualization!

Did you know that NOT exercising AT ALL is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes A DAY? (This one scared me when I read it!)

Your dog. If you want your pooch to enjoy a longer, healthier life, she/he needs to get moving, too. You’ll find as both of you get fit, she/he is more enthusiastic, and will give you a challenging workout.

Work out with your spouse/partner.

Erase YEARS off your body. With vigorous exercise and healthy nutrition, people are going to do a double-take and think you are a lot younger.

Start a journal. At the end of each day, write down what you’ve accomplished that day to move you closer toward your fitness and/or life goals.

Use the TV. Here’s the catch: work out only when your favorite show is on. Or, record your favorite show and work out during that (but don’t fast forward through the commercials). It can help time to fly by faster.

Hire a personal trainer or coach. If you’re having extreme difficulty with motivation, hire a professional to get you to reorganize your life to make taking care of yourself a top priority.

Split your workouts. Try getting up 30 minutes earlier in the morning for a short-burst 15 minute workout, then steal another 15-20 minutes at lunch or in the evening.

Plan your exercise. You have important commitments scheduled into your day, right? Do the same for exercise and you will be less likely to skip it.

Listen to audio books while you exercise. You’ll feel twice as productive, and highly energized, and the time will fly.

Reward yourself. Whenever you reach a milestone, have something in mind, like a trip to the day spa, new shoes or clothes.

Want to keep fitting into your favorite jeans? Keep trying them on to keep yourself in check to keep eating right and exercising.

See exercise as a stress-releaser. A simple shift in attitude can do wonders for your stress levels. Exercise is something to look forward to in order to relieve your stress and revive yourself.

Look in the mirror. Sometimes that is all you need to trigger you into the lean, fit, and energized mode.


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